Both my teaching and my research exist in a crossroads between history, religious studies, and gender studies, and my immersion in each of these disciplines serves to buttress my knowledge and teaching of the others. As a teacher and scholar, I aim to explore the nuances and complications of American religion and teach students about change over time. Because I am a scholar of evangelicalism and fundamentalism, I can employ the history of conservative Protestantism in the United States as a case study through which students can learn to see religion as anything but static and simplistic. In addressing the evolution and interplay of practices and ideas, I am able to reveal both how rooted in cultural circumstance religion often is and also how—simultaneously—religion has empowered many individuals to transcend the cultural and political ideology of their circumstances. Similarly, in my study of gender norms in American culture, I am able to show students the fluidity that characterizes ideas about masculinity and femininity. It is my belief that the study of these disciplines not only affords students better analytical thinking and writing skills but also broaden their sense of the possible, allowing them to imagine a wider range of human activities and desires.

Teaching Experience

  • Denison University, Religion Department and English Department, Visiting Assistant Professor – Granville, OH (2013-2014)
  • Wofford College Department of Religion, Visiting Assistant Professor – Spartanburg, SC (2011-2013)
  • University of Virginia Religious Studies Department, Lecturer – Charlottesville, VA (Spring 2011)
  • University of Richmond Department of Religion, Adjunct Faculty – Richmond, VA (Spring 2011)
  • Writing Coach for Science Technology, and Society Course at University of Virginia (Fall 2009)
  • Harvard University Teaching Fellow in Religion, History, and English Departments– Cambridge, MA (2005-2007)
  • Harvard Extension School, Writing Tutor – Cambridge, MA (2006-2008)
  • Penn State Freshman Composition Instructor – University Park, PA (Spring 2003)
  • Upward Bound Creative Writing Instructor – University Park, PA (2001)
  • Writing Coach for Undergraduate Fellowships Office, Penn State – University Park, PA (1999-2001)
  • Penn State University Writing Center – University Park, PA (1998-2001)



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